Disclaimer Policy: Our Commitment

This Statement outlines Asta Lifestyle's privacy practices with regard to any personal data you may give the company. Asta Lifestyle is devoted to fostering confidence in the way in which we handle your personal information since we understand how important your privacy is to you. The following statement describes how Asta Lifestyle gathers, utilizes, disseminates, and safeguards this information on its website.


The National Privacy Principles (NPPs) outlined in the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000 are something that Asta Lifestyle is obligated to follow and is dedicated to doing. Asta Lifestyle's mission is to support and uphold the NPPs, which serve as the foundation for legislation that have been passed to increase public privacy protection. We hope that by promoting industry best practices, this statement will allay any worries you might have about how we handle the personal data you give us and how it is used, accessed, and kept.


In addition to the information you input on our website or give us during application, registration, or administrative processes, Asta Lifestyle also receives and saves transaction information.

Asta LIfestyle will make an effort to give you the choice to not identify yourself or not supply personal information when entering transactions with us, when it is legal and practical to do so. But if you don't provide us all the details we need, we might not be able to offer or supply you with the entire scope of services that you require.

When you surf anonymously, no personal data is gathered. When a person may browse our website without providing personally identifiable information, they are said to be browsing anonymously. Additionally, only when you submit an inquiry, place an order, sign up for a course, or register to access the member-only area are personally identifiable details like name, birthdates, and contact information (email addresses) recorded. All other details will be gotten directly from you.

The information gathered is stored for as long as is necessary to manage your account and deliver the services and products you have requested. Any information we have about you that is no longer required for these purposes will be destroyed or permanently made anonymous.


The main reason we need your information is so we may fulfill our business obligations to you by offering management education and training, consulting, events, and membership, as well as to enhance these services for you and other Asta Lifestyle customers. We may use the data you give us to better the services we offer you, gauge consumer interest in Asta Lifestyle services, let you know about additional Asta Lifestyle goods and services, or to meet legal obligations.

Only the relevant information about you will be gathered and stored by us. In addition to being used to offer, deliver, and improve our services to you, the information you provide may also be shared with other parties, including Asta Lifestyle, companies hired to run and maintain Asta Lifestyle databases, offer IT support services, and disseminate Asta Lifestyle information, as well as other service providers connected to or supporting the delivery of educational services provided by Asta Lifestyle.

Asta Lifestyle does not allow these parties to use your personal information for any other reason than to carry out the tasks that Asta Lifestyle has assigned to them. Before any personal information is released by Asta Lifestyle, all vendors, representatives, and other businesses must sign a confidentiality agreement with Asta Lifestyle.

With the exception of the following situations: when it is required or authorized by law, or for matters directly related to law enforcement or the prevention of unlawful activity; when the Secondary Purpose is related to the Primary Purpose (or directly related when sensibly related); and when Asta Lifestyle reasonably believes that the Secondary Purpose is necessary to fulfill the Primary Purpose.

In order to stop any serious and immediate harm to a person's life, health, or safety, as well as the health and safety of the general public, Asta Life Style Pvt Ltd reasonably thinks that action is essential. Without your permission, Asta Lifestyle will not otherwise release your personal information to any other entity.


To provide you a more educational online experience Asta Lifestyle occasionally makes use of suppliers', agents', and partners' web resources. These services include backlinks to other websites that advertise different services and goods. Asta Lifestyle makes every effort, in any such connection, to ensure that the parties involved have and uphold a suitable privacy policy. Naturally, a third party's privacy policy may differ from Asta Lifestyles', so you should carefully consider any third party's privacy policy before using the site's products and/or services.

Asta Lifestyle makes use of Web Advantage to offer a safe setting for the online authorization of credit card transactions. Client credit card information is secured as soon as it leaves the client's browser and travels to the banking network using industry-standard SSL 128-bit RC4 encryption technology.

The only organization with access to a customer's credit card information is the merchant's bank; no credit card information is held anyplace online. The bank uses the same encryption technology to return confirmation data to the client's browser. These secure processes provide clients with peace of mind when purchasing online.


Asta Lifestyle will make every effort to ensure that you only supply personal information in a secure setting, and when the information is no longer required, it will be deleted or rendered completely anonymous.

We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts information you input, to safeguard the security of your information during transmission when it is indicated by a lock (on the browser window). We run secure data networks protected by an industry-standard firewall and password security system in partnership with our primary suppliers and agents. We also take care to make sure that the security mechanisms we have in place are effective in preventing the loss, misuse, unauthorized access, alteration, modification, or disclosure of your user data that is in our possession.

It is the individual's obligation to ensure the security of any information (including personal information) downloaded and stored on their computer, server, etc. The person is also in charge of the physical security and upkeep of the hardware and software he or she uses to access an Asta Lifestyle website, as well as their proper configuration.

Despite the fact that we employ encryption technology and other reasonable safeguards to protect your personal information, we are unable to ensure the security of any information you reveal online. By making sure that any password you use on our website is held in the strictest confidence and by signing off when you have done using a shared computer, you can assist us in keeping your personal information secure.

While Asta Lifestyle cannot guarantee that any unauthorized access, disclosure, loss, misuse, or alteration to your data will not happen, we will use all reasonable efforts to prevent such unfortunate occurrences. Asta Lifestyle imposes strict rules on its employees who have access to either the databases that store your user information or to the servers that host our services.

You acknowledge the inherent security risks associated with conducting business online and agree not to hold Young Greens, its suppliers, or its agents liable for any security lapses.


To make your experience on and use of our website more personalized and convenient, Asta Lifestyle may employ cookies. A cookie is a little data file that is downloaded from our website and kept on your computer's hard disk in a text file. A combination of letters and numbers make up the data, which identifies your machine as well as any user name or password you may have already entered on our website.Without asking you to re-enter information each time you log on to our website, this information is used to authenticate or identify whether you are registered on our website. Without your prior consent, Asta Lifestyle Cookies cannot be used to gather any additional data about you or your computer. Additionally, cookies might be used to "track" or "follow" you as you navigate our website. This information will be used to identify the most popular sections of our website so that we can enhance users' access to pertinent details about our services and enhance the value of your online experience. Asta Lifestyle Cookies, in instance, may gather information about the server your computer is connected to, the type of browser you are using, the time and date of your visit, as well as the specific pages you are accessing.

Each browser is different, so check the "Help" menu of your browser to learn how to modify your Cookie preferences. If at any moment you decide that you do not want to accept Cookies or that you want to erase those that are already on your computer, you can manually configure your browser to do so. You won't be able to use portions of the Asta Lifestyle website that require you to "sign in," and you might not be able to utilize all of the offerings, if you reject all Cookies. The Young Greens website does not, however, need you to accept Cookies in many places.


Asta Lifestyle will not, without your consent, transfer personal information to such Permitted Persons in cases where we disclose personal information to people administering the services, our affiliated entities, or business partners (Permitted Persons) and such Permitted Persons are in a foreign country, unless:

we have taken reasonable measures to ensure that the Permitted Persons are covered by a contract that effectively upholds principles for the fair handling of personal information that are substantially similar to the National Principles for the Fair Handling of Personal Information embodied in the Privacy Amendment Act 2000, or we have a reasonable belief that the Permitted Persons are covered by a law, binding scheme, or contract; or the transfer is required for: the completion of the services you have requested; the fulfillment of our contractual obligations to you; the implementation of precontractual measures taken in response to your request; or the conclusion or performance of a contract in your best interest between Asta Lifestyle and a third party; If any or all of the following conditions hold true, the transfer will benefit you, it will be difficult to get your approval, and even if it were possible, you would probably give assent.


Asta Lifestyle makes an effort to guarantee the accuracy and completeness of every piece of personal data it collects and stores in its database systems. You can email us at any time to ask to see the information we have on file about you and to get a more thorough explanation of how it is used. Within 7 business days of receiving a request, we will make every effort to meet it or let you know how it turned out.

Please email us if you ever want to update any incorrect personal information or request the deletion of your personal data. Unless personal information is necessary for administrative or legal reasons, we shall make every effort to accommodate such requests as soon as practical.

Additionally, you have the right to seek access to your personal data whenever you want. This information will be sent to you within 5 working days, and any member of our staff will be able to help you with your request.


Any personally identifiable information of its ADOs, Members, subscribers, or website visitors that Asta Lifestyle has in its possession will be protected and kept confidential with all commercially reasonable efforts.To the extent permitted by law, Asta Lifestyle is not responsible for any loss, damage, costs, liability, or other type of contribution if any confidential or personally identifiable information is accessed by a third party due to the negligence of Asta lifestyle ,its agents, suppliers, contractors, related bodies corporate, affiliates, or associated parties.

The Asta Lifestyle website and the resources you can use to manage the data you give us are both something we are continually working to improve. If there are any updates to the policies governing the use of these new features, please check this page periodically.