Asta Lifestyle is an Indian direct selling company. Asta Lifestyle’s superior value and high quality products and services have earned us the trust of our ADOs and their customers. This is a precious and one-of-a-kind relationship. Everyone must share Asta Lifestyle dedication to excellence. Everyone is accountable for ensuring the superior value and high quality of Asta Lifestyle products and services – quality and value that we guarantee!

Customer Product Refund Policy at Asta Lifestyle (for Non-promo code products) Asta Lifestyle's Customer Product Refund Policy applies to all non-promo code Asta Lifestyles Products. If the Customer is not completely satisfied, he or she has 30 days from the date of delivery to return the products for a full refund. The refund policy only applies to products that are in marketable condition and come with an invoice. This policy does not cover products that have been purposefully damaged or misused. Asta Lifestyle's ADOs must adhere to the Customer Product Refund Policy in letter and spirit.

Customers may return the products to Asta Lifestyle ADO's within30 days of purchase as follows:

Condition: Marketable#
Time Period: Within 30 days of purchase
Invoice: YES
Payment: As per ADO invoice

#Marketable refers to products that are unopened and sealed.

The ADO is responsible for returning the product(s) to the Asta Lifestyle address listed on the website. The number of days from the Invoice Date to the date of receipt at the Asta Lifestyle company office is used to calculate the period of return for products. The condition of the stock when it is returned to the ADO is referred to as its condition. Depending on the condition of the returned stock as determined by the Returns executive at the Asta Lifestyle manufacturing unit, the product may be 'marketable.'

The BV adjustment of returned products must be completed within the same month. The total BV of the returned products will be deducted from the account of the returning ADO. If the number of unsold products returned on a single invoice is greater than or equal to 5, handling charges of 10% will be deducted.

The Product Return Policy does not apply to products purchased with promotional codes. Total returns cannot exceed the amount shown on the invoice. If customers return products directly to Asta Life Style Pvt Ltd, the BV adjustment will be made from the ADO's account, and any excess amount paid will be recoverable from the ADO.